A special place

"If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, it is a special place where I spend my afternoon."

Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a Wrap!

      It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The calm after the storm is a lot better than the calm before. The boats are going back in the water, water levels are back to normal, and I'm back in my own bed.  As you can see, my butt would have gotten a little wet when the water was up.
      All and all it wasn't too bad. If you look at New Orleans, not bad at all. A storm like that would have done some serious damage to our little island. As it was, we didn't get enough rain to put in a coffee cup. All the water came from the surge. Here it shows the surge coming in and how it ended up. My neighbor had to kayak down the street just to get his dog to go out to pee. Now that's a lot of water!  Having rubber on the bottom of the doors keeps the water from getting as deep inside as it is outside. Thank goodness.
      But with this comes beauty. You discover which plants can handle being watered with salt water and those that can't. With so much water, the flowers are beautiful. And so is the gulf. The waves were probably a good 15 to 20 feet high. Woody had had enough water and decided to sit the beach trip out. But Ray and his friend D.O.G. were all for it.. They didn't want to leave. And I could have sat there all day myself. There's something about that size wave that just kinda takes you in. The rise and fall of every one is different  But the tide was coming in hence another surge was going to take place. Not as bad as the first by any means but enough to have to go home and move a few things onto higher ground..
       I'm ready to write about something besides the weather now.So my next post will not mention the weather at all! I'll just tell you ahead of time that it's going to be a beautiful day. Maybe we'll go kayaking at Wakula Springs

        I'm looking forward to the blue moon over the gulf, but, there's still nothing like the "blue moon of Kentucky"!


  1. AHHHHH! Glad all is well on St George Island and you can get back to your 'normal'!
    Loving your pictures! We are supposed to get the remnants of Isaac sometime today thru Monday. We NEED the rain.
    Take care and I'm so glad it wasn't TOO bad for you! How long were you on off the island?

    1. I never left the island. It was only manditory for visitors to evacuate. The water only stayed up for two days. Piece of cake!