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"If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, it is a special place where I spend my afternoon."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A funny thing happened........

When talking about "Debbie" I left out a little humor that came with it. Picture this. The storm is coming. Security is driving around with their bullhorns calling for an evacuation. The tourists are scrambling to get the hell out of Dodge. Grabbing the kids, trying to find the dog, and getting the bare necessities. Forget the toothbrush or maybe some clothes and a little food. Get the laptop and the cell phone! Everyone is rushing to the bridge. Well, in the meantime the loose barge has hit the bridge and nobody tells the guys with the bullhorns that the bridge is now closed! So everyone rushes to get to the bridge to leave but no one's going anywhere. ( They're wishing they'd grabbed that leftover pizza out of the refrigerater now!). Traffic was backed up for 10 miles in both directions! (The island's only about 30 miles long). And it stayed that way for a couple hours. ( good thing Debbie was a slow mover!)  Eventually the officials decide that the bridge is safe enough for the evacuation but when everyone's across they close it again and that's how it stayed for most of the week unless you lived on the island. They did open it at one point during the week for residents to go across if it was an emergency or absolutly necessary. For example some of the restraunts needed gas for their generators to keep the thousands of dollars worth of food from going bad. Or your dog had gotten a bone hung up on their lower jaw and had to have a vet saw it off. (That was me). But as luck would have it while we residents were taking care of manditory things on the mainland they closed the bridge again and it was 2 hours before they let us go back home. A mess you say? No doubt. Right out of a three stooges movie. But keep in mind for the most part the police in this area have nothing to do. There's never one on the island because nothing ever happens. There is next to no crime here. Really. No robberies, no fights, no car accidents. So when something big happens they really have very little or no experience. So the communication breakdown was no big surprise to the people that live here. At least Barney Fife carried one bullet!  P.S. With the daily showers come rainbows almost every time. Nice.

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