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"If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, it is a special place where I spend my afternoon."

Friday, March 20, 2015

"Old Florida"

"Fill 'er Up"?
   I'm sure you've heard the term, "Old Florida". Places that show you how Florida used to be, before the condos and high rises took over. There's not many of these towns left. But, Eastpoint is one of those places, and it's right across the bridge from St. George Island.
The "Big Top"
 You're not going to find any malls, or movie theaters in Eastpoint. There's a post office, a bank, a mechanic, putt-putt golf, for your entertainment, and for your shopping needs, a Dollar General, and the Big Top grocery. And with a few more small local businesses, it's got pretty much everything you need.

For Sale
   Eastpoint takes up about 7 square miles, and has a population of about 2,400 people. (The 2010 census reported 2,337, but I suspect there's a few more people now). 

 There's a few restaurants that boast the local seafood. And, a couple, that hit hard times, and had to close their doors.
Freshest seafood in town

    Like St. George Island, Eastpoint has never been incorporated, so growth is slow. Most of the people here, make their living on the water. And with the recent troubles in the oyster industry, (see "Trouble on the Bay"), it's getting harder and harder, for people to make a living here. But, they'll never stop trying, because it's all they know. And being on the water, is what they love.

  This is "Old Florida". The way things used to be. People move at a slower pace, and they appreciate the simple, good things in life. Like a good day of fishing.
   When you drive through places like Eastpoint, Slow down, and take a close look. Don't get in a rush. There's not many towns like this left.  What I consider, the jewels of the south. 
An "Old Salt"
   Maybe you'll meet an "old salt", that'll be happy to tell you when the oyster boats are coming in, and ask you if you want to "sit a spell", and  share a beer with him.

Oystering the old fashioned way, is hard work. But, being on the water is what they love.

Living life at a slower pace

   Eastpoint is a place to be treasured for what it is. And we can only hope it won't change for awhile.     


  1. In a place like Eastpoint, Sheeplady, it's different every time you go. I love it! If Eastpoint doesn't have it, I probably don't need it. It keeps it simple!

  2. I totally agree with Jo Ellen. We keep saying year after year...and it's been over 30 now....that we will go somewhere else on vacation. But we keep heading South for Apalachicola, Eastpoint and St George Island.