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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Mardi Gras Parade

Introductions before the Parade. Pirate meets the Beach Bum.
   What fun! The fourth annual Mardi Gras Parade in Apalachicola was last Friday, and a good time was had by man and beast alike.
    Mardi Gras, in Apalachicola is a two day celebration that starts with the parade on Friday, and continues Saturday night, with music, food, and dancing. But my participation, and main interest was with the parade. That's because it was featuring our canine friends and it was going to be Ray's day to shine.  He wasn't about to miss it. All his friends would be there.
The Humane Society's Float
    The parade was complete with a king, and a grand marshal. All proceeds from the parade, and social events, go to the Habitat For Humanity. They're currently working on their fifth house in Franklin County.
   This is a post where pictures are going to tell you the story, so enjoy the parade!

The Grand Marshal making sure everyone has plenty of beads.
The King
Dogs of all shapes and sizes enjoyed themselves

Ray had a great time, and was looking forward to trying out his new swim trunks at the beach afterwards.

"Please don't make me walk with the big dogs"!
"I'll walk with the big dogs"!

"This parade stuff wears me out. But I can't wait until next year".