A special place

"If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, it is a special place where I spend my afternoon."

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

That Time Again


     Christmas is here.
     The time's gone by so fast.
     We just celebrated Thanksgiving, but that spirit didn't last.
     The spirit that makes us thankful, for everything that is.

     Look around you.
     You can't help it. There's so much to see. 
     All the life, it's so beautiful.
     And every bit of it's free.
     There are mountains, and fields, and forests we enjoy everyday.
     And it's hard to describe the wonders of a bay.

     So be grateful, and give thanks. You don't need any more.
     Take it all in, it's a gift,
     And you won't find any of it at the store.

     To all a Merry Christmas,  and have a happy New Year.
     Find peace, and be thankful, for all that you've got.
     For the little we've given, we've gotten a lot.

*Sorry it's been so long between posts. I blame this partially on the winter tides. You'll hear all about this very soon. Thanks for your patience and Merry Christmas to everyone.  May the year, 2014, bring you enough laughter to get you through the bluest of days.   Jo Ellen


  1. We have missed you and hope you are well.. Enjoy life. Have a great new year.

  2. Life is good Auntie Reg. I welcome the New Year and all it has to offer. I hope yours is full of love and laughter.

  3. Hello down there. It is 2014 where are you. Reg