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Friday, May 3, 2013

Clueless on St. George Island

On a Bicycle?
   As much as I love living on St. George Island, there's no place like Kentucky on the first Saturday in May. Having worked with horses all my life, the Kentucky Derby is something I look forward to all year. But, on the island, it's just another day. How can anyone not celebrate the most exciting two minutes in sports? Believe it or not, there are people that live on the island that don't know what "The Derby" is! If you ask me, they need to get across the bridge more.
    It really hit me when I went into Apalachicola to see where I could buy a racing form and the clerk asked, "racing what, cars, dogs?" I knew I was sunk.

The glasses made the outfit!
   Well, things are going to change around here. I've decided to enlighten these sheltered people as to what they're missing. The people of St. George Island love to have a good time, and there's no better time for a party than when they "Run for the Roses". This could be the start of something big!
   I began this mission last year when the local television station decided their priorities were on what kind of bait to use when fishing for trout. This is useful information, but untimely to say the least. When they finally switched over to Derby coverage, the horses had just gotten to the paddock. If they'd missed the singing of "My Old Kentucky Home", somebody was going to pay! So, after the race, I put on my Derby best, got on my bicycle, and rode around the island wishing everyone a Happy Derby Day. It was great fun, and a sight, I'm sure, that was not soon forgotten. But, to refresh their memories, I've got an outfit all picked out and ready to go for this year.

   As long as I live on the island, Derby Day will no longer go unnoticed. And who knows, in time,
people may even make a point to watch the race. But, you can't rush these things. When you're on "island time", nothing happens over night.
    So, Happy Derby Day to everyone. and may the best horse win!

Happy Derby Day!